because we are all stories in the end

I need to keep track of all the adventures I want to have, so here’s a list:

Summer 2014

  • Start a blog — Whoop! One down!
  • Finish the scrapbook I started a year ago for a dear friend and her baby girl
  • Deliver a Christmas in July gift to Nana (–not my actual grandmother), who is my kindred spirit
  • See Wicked with Waddles, high school BFF It was amazing! You can read about it here.
  • Visit Mermaid (a.k.a. The Hopeful Wanderer, a.k.a. college BFF) in glorious TexasI had a phenomenal time! Read about it here.
  • Go to Colorado with Britts (a.k.a. the big sister I never had) and her babies, as well as the rest of her immediate family
  • Take K.K., cousin/kid-sister-I-never-had, to Big Splash and Build-a-Bear Workshop
  • Go on a TBD adventure with my brother before he leaves for college in the fallWe went to Dallas! Read about it here.
  • Help Britts edit her novel

Stuff For Just Me (a.k.a. Figuring Myself Out)

  • Write a report for Husband about pet ownership so that I can maybe have a dog or cat
  • Read books and blog about them
  • Finish House, M.D. and Lost
  • Watch The Carol Burnett Show, Mamma Mia, Blood Diamond, Bubble Boy, The King’s Speech, Atonement, Midnight in Paris, Les Miserables, Chronicle, and Chicago (There are so many movies and television shows that I haven’t seen–if you have any suggestions, feel free to share!)
  • Start Weight Watchers with my mom
  • Learn how to operate my camera and be a photographer
  • Re-learn how to embroider tea towelsDone! Read about it here
  • Practice my guitar and piano skills
  • Learn to play the bass guitar
  • Practice monologues
  • Learn as many North American accents as possible
  • Make a planning binder
  • Create at least one new font (You can check out my fonts here)

Not-So-Fun Stuff That Really Needs To Happen And Because This Is An Honest Blog I Will Write About

  • Quit my current job at my universityPut in my two weeks’ notice on June 5th, 2014
  • Begin working semi-full-ish time as a search engine evaluatorCurrently working!
  • Think and pray long and hard about continuing school (Or not. I told you I’d be honest.)

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